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H2 Mathematics is designed to prepare students for a range of university courses, including mathematics, sciences, engineering and related courses, where a good foundation in mathematics is required. It develops mathematical thinking and reasoning skills that are essential for further learning of mathematics. Through applications of mathematics, students also develop an appreciation of mathematics and its connections to other disciplines and to the real world.

The syllabus is intended to provide students with the fundamental mathematical knowledge and skills. The content is organised into three strands namely, Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, and Statistics and Probability. Besides conceptual understanding and skills proficiency explicated in the content strands, development of process skills that are involved in the process of acquiring and applying mathematical knowledge is also emphasised. These include reasoning, communication and connections, thinking skills and heuristics, and application and modelling; and are developed based on the three content strands.



The syllabus prepares students adequately for A-Level H2 Mathematics, where a strong foundation in algebraic manipulation skills and mathematical reasoning skills are required. The content is organised into three strands, namely, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, and Calculus. Besides conceptual understanding and skill proficiency explicated in the content strands, important mathematical processes such as reasoning, communication and application (including the use of models) are also emphasised and assessed. The O-Level Additional Mathematics syllabus assumes knowledge of O-Level Mathematics.

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